Anabel Mobile Limited is an integrated Mobile Device, Technology and Telecoms Content Company. Dedicated to bringing the best Technology has to offer to the Mobile Device consumers of Africa. Our unique expertise and core competence is in enhancing the content of mobility so that Individuals can enjoy an enhanced experience when they work, live or play.

Anabel's Mobile initiatives covers the extensions of mobility tools beyond the office enabling people to do business where ever they find themselves anywhere in the World. Our mobility platforms and technology supports "Mobile Distribution" which is cutting edge technology that defines a whole new World in the management of the movement and haulage of goods. Supply Chain Managers can track and monitor distribution trucks around the country and around the World and have at their finger tips the real time data on actual number of total goods, delivered and authoritatively received by agents, outposts and distributors. Anabel is also driving the adoption of "Mobile Health" where doctors can pull up a patient's records while at the patient's bed side or from the scene of an accident, and if the Doctor is not authorized to see the patient's records, an authentication request and confirmation can be sort and received using the Anabel smart device while at the patient's side, thus reducing the incidence of doctor error in diagnosis and prescriptions. We are equally driving initiatives in "Mobile Education" giving students the ability to carry their entire course work on one Anabel Mobile device and get that updated, wirelessly, as the Lecturers update the World's most recent discoveries and course work material. And in some institutions we are working with Authorities to allow students to carry out registration of course work and admissions on their Anabel Smart device while on the go or from their school hostel. We are driving major initiatives in "Mobile Government" working with the Federal and State Governments of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to give World Class efficiency to the operations of Government and providing a digital platform for transformation of Government business and redefining how Government interacts with the Nigerian Citizens.

Anabel continues to make active investment in new product design, processes, and interactive online data platforms pushing the boundaries of innovation in applying mobile solutions to Education, Health, Government, Entertainment and Commerce. Anabel is truly a 21st century Company, in touch with Tomorrow.