What if you can reduce cost and still provide the necessary tools to meet your organizational needs? AnabelExchange can do exactly that. Do less work and get more result, eliminate the time wasted in sending emails with heavy file attachments, monitor and work together with your team wherever they are in real time.

AnabelExchange is a collaborative platform available to both mobile and office team members and staff to seamlessly share information and documents especially well suited for teams that are spread across the country or across the World. A web-based platform designed to establish a close to paperless office where staff, team members and people can work together in real time from any locations. AnabelExchange has been built with a lot of features for effective enterprise content management. Some of the information and document types that can be shared are listed below.

  • Libraries: a library is a container for files you want to share, a Company Wide Repository of Information 
    • Documents: all kinds, except those that pose a security threat.
    • Pictures: .jpg, .gif, .png formats.
    • Forms: created with MS InfoPath.
    • Slides: created with MS PowerPoint 2007
  • Lists: row-based (tabular) storage of information.
    • Announcements: good for one-way communication for entire company or Association.
    • Events: tabular and calendar views available.
    • Contacts
    • Tasks
    • Project tasks
    • Issues
  • Surveys: results presented in graphical summary and can be exported to MS Excel in tabular format
  • Discussion boards: for quick discussion items
  •  Blogs: for more "polished" discussion items
  • Build staff organization profile
  • Site Creation

AnabelExchange not only can project managers/team leader's provision their own project sites or share document, they can build related solutions as well like workflow automation, InfoPath form integration and also can easily be integrated with existing tools and systems. AnabelExchange also comes with an in built Workflow that can be used to collect feedbacks, approvals and also be customized (build a workflow that triggers the correct set of sequenced events/tasks). It is also a turnkey IT solution which can easily be deployed, Administered and maintained.

The use of this platform is enormous; organizations that could actually use it are limitless. We believe that the benefits of using AnabelExchange cannot be totally explored as this has been built to cater for both the present needs and the future IT needs of any establishment.