AnabelMeeting is a live meeting and tele-presence web based platform that allows several individuals to participate in live video conferencing and document sharing.

AnabelMeeting gives your organization, group, team or association the power of social networking, allowing the entire team to stay connected, share reports, experiences, carry out training sessions or conduct meetings wherever they may be in the world.

It is best suited for an operation, Government Department or corporation that has several branches spread across the country or across the World. AnabelMeeting provides the personnel the ability to work together without the added cost of travel. And once it is up and running you can scale it up to cover more offices and branches.

In addition, the platform gives the convener of the video conference the flexibility to pass control to any participant, and regulate the meeting effectively. This control feature also gives the convener the capacity to regulate the video and audio feed that is transmitted to the various participants.

A major addition to the platform is the ability to conduct Web based Seminars or Webinars. Our Platform gives a large Professional Association the power to conduct a Webinar for thousands of participants wherever they may be in the World. This will provide Professionals associations, Alumina Groups, Industry Commissions, and Chambers' of Commerce etc the power to stay connected during the year in between the periods of that annual conference or meeting.

Other features include:

Desktop sharing
This allows remote access to the presenter's desktop with their permission during a live meeting.

White Board Feature:

It facilitates the display of presentation documents (for example power point document) on every participant desktop, adding great value to the presentation.

Private and Public Chat
AnabelMeeting also facilitates the official exchange of ideas and information in words (chatting) during live meetings and conferences.

This exchange of information can be customized to be between specific groups within the general live meeting.
The benefit of this platform is unimaginable reducing if not eliminating the need for expensive travel of your organization branch managers to head office for meetings and trainings.

It is ideal for

  • Schools and Universities to promote their Distance learning Departments or who operate multiple campus structures
  • Professional Associations such as the Bar Association, the Medical Association or the Society  of Engineers for their monthly or quarterly meeting and briefing sessions to members all over the country or the World who cannot attend the location where the meeting is holding.
  • Large Companies with branches or subsidiaries spread across the country or across the world
  • National Governments with departments all over the country
  • National Governments wanting to hold regular meeting sessions with regional, state or local governments
Chambers' of Commerce with members all over the country or the World who want to participate in the chamber's training sessions, meetings and industry updates.