AnabelSupply™ is a mobile field force automation software tool. AnabelSupply™ features inventory management and proof of delivery functions for mobile inventory. By mobile inventory we refer here to a stock of goods or products in motion. A good example of such a stock of goods or products in motion would be goods or products being transported for delivery to a network of geographically dispersed customers. 

A typical use case scenario for AnabelSupply™ is that of a large products manufacturer that is faced with the task of distributing her products to a vast network of national or international customers. AnabelSupply™ will keep track of this massive distribution operation (stocktaking - product quantities moving out of the warehouse, product quantities sold or delivered, and product quantities remaining at the end of each business day), controlling and stemming stock shrinkage by assuring that there are no discrepancies between sales or deliveries claimed to be made to customers and actual sales or deliveries received by customers.

AnabelSupply™ achieves its purpose by doing the following

  • Recording opening stock. AnabelSupply™ records product quantities loaded out from the store or warehouse prior to commencing field based sales or deliveries of these products. This establishes the opening stock of the mobile inventory.
  • Recording sales or deliveries. AnabelSupply™ records product quantities sold or delivered to each customer out in the field as each sale or delivery is made. This establishes the sales or deliveries of mobile inventory. Customers are required to enter a secret PIN or digital signature as proof of delivery and acceptance of the sale or delivery.

Sales or distribution managers or supervisors in the back office can generate a mobile stock analysis report to gain real time or near real time visibility into field based product sales or product delivery operations.
Tracking will be accomplished by using the gps equipment on the mobile force's Anabel mobile smart device (or other compatible wireless device) or by the cell id as provided by the mobile force's mobile network operator.
Ideal for

  • Large, medium and small manufacturers who want to eliminate the loss of goods in transits
  • Fleet Managers who carry out haulage for importers, manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Government Departments that supply goods to the population or that receive large supplies from Contractors